The Label was launched in 2003 and was driven by lads who actually went to the game during the iconic era of the 1980s and who wanted to bring fair priced, great quality product to like-minded souls. Taking its inspiration from the golden era of the Casual Culture, the 1980s, a period which saw the last great revolution in men's style, 80s Casuals is now acknowledged as the very first Terrace label in the UK. It has grown over the years and inventory now includes film and music related goods.

Dave Hewitson |||||

With a background of over 35 years working experience in the print industry, Dave used that knowledge to
self publish a book in 2004 on 'Casual' culture. Titled 'The Liverpool Boys are in Town', its publication led to his involvement in the clothing company '80s Casuals'. The label, established in 2003, is now acknowledged as the first Terrace brand solely directed at match going lads with an eye for the discerning style. The brand has over the years secured collaborations with iconic Italian sportswear labels Fila and Ellesse. During the following years another best selling book '80s Casuals' was produced by Dave and his then business partner Jay Montessori, again covering the clothing and trainers worn during the last 30 years. Those years involved in design and commercial awareness have now given Dave the opportunity to take full control of the label after his partner moved on to another brand. Since 2012 he has also been running cult Liverpool 'Vinyl Only' Record Label, Eighties Vinyl Records. Releasing limited edition singles for up and coming local acts. 2014 also saw another book release, 'Places I Remember' 50 Years of Liverpool fans stories of following their team throughout Europe.