'Captain Beefheart' T-Shirt / Chilli Red

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'Captain Beefheart' T-Shirt / Chilli Red

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80s Casuals X The Viper Label 'Captain Beefheart' T-Shirt

Mike Badger formed the La's in the early 80s, besides writing tracks and playing he also designed many of their early gig posters. Now a renowned artist in his own right, Mike and fellow musician Paul Hemmings of the Lightning Seeds also run The Viper Label. www.the-viper-label.co.uk 

80s Casuals have now teamed up with the label to produce T-Shirts of some of the covers from the best Viper album releases of the last decade. 

This release, designed by both Mike and Paul is from the Captain Beefheart 'Magneticism' live album cover.

Screen-printed using eco friendly inks onto 80s Casuals premium fairtrade T-Shirts. 

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